Friday, December 21, 2012

Santas Helper 2012

    Hi everyone, Santas Helper 2012 is our Artist name. Desmond Flynn is the song-writer and wrote this song. Jonathan Wood of Hoo-Haa Song Writers Produced the Music for song. CJ Livermore, founder of Sounds Unique, Mastered song. Santas Helpers is our Record Label has been established by Desmond Flynn to promote song, "santa remember me_read my letter". Join the New Revolution of 2012 @ Facebook Page - download this song "Santa Remember Me/Read my Letter" from digital music stores this Christmas - for only 79p or 99c - for this you get a great Christmas song and you will be helping charity as i will donate a % of all downloads to a childrens christmas charity. + Santa's Helper's 2012 Goal is to Beat Simon Cowell and his Xfactor for the Christmas #1 spot of 2012. Thanks everybody and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year. Santas Helpers Artists are -Desmond Flynn-(song-writer) and Jonathan Wood-(music producer) are registered with PRS of UK and their CAE codes are 648099407 608539728. Twitter - @santashelpers12 song "santa remember me_read my letter" is a pre-release and will be available in iTunes and most digital stores from 16th Dec. 2012 but can be ordered now on

Artist Name: Santas Helpers 2012 Album: Santa's Helpers 2012
First/Last Name: des flynn
Email address:
Hometown: Belfast, northern ireland, United Kingdom
Style of music: Pop,Holiday,Christmas,Childrens

Label Affiliation: Unsigned
Performing Rights

Description: Santa's Helper's want to Beat Simon Cowell & his Xfactor with Song and we want to raise money for a childrens charity.

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