Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kim Dellavedova

Kim Dellavedova


City Keepers is the eagerly anticipated new release from singer-songwriter, Kim Dellavedova. The quality of Dellavedova’s songwriting on the record is formidable, not afraid to employ a killer riff, her stripped back songs are punchy and have choruses that want to be sung.

Kim has been captivating audiences with this collection of songs live, performing with 60’s tone-master guitarist/producer Scott Wilson, delivering her take on classic country/soul, swampy blues, to songs with refreshingly cheeky, upbeat pop/rock grooves.

While the strength of Dellavedova’s songwriting on this album is outstanding, the performances and recordings are stunning. The album has already been described as one of Australias finest collections of folk/country music.

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