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Andy May

Andy May

Cafe' Americana--Andy May

Americana music pioneer Andy May is a deep-rooted songwriter and singer, an exceptional guitarist and mandolinist, a master of many traditional American musical styles, and an upbeat country rocker. Through the years he’s played venues from honky-tonks to Carnegie Hall. His wealth of life experience enriches his writing, and his optimistic nature shapes his work.

Andy dishes up comfort food for the soul with Cafe' Americana. Containing 14 new original songs, many co-written with his wife, Lauren, Cafe' Americana continues Andy's tradition of CDs packed with great songs that have depth, heart, and humor and are presented with excellent musicianship and beautiful, clean production. Solidly Americana, this CD lays out a smorgasbord of country, bluegrass, and folk-flavored acoustic treats cooked up and served by a seasoned performer and his five-star band.


Andy May is an awesome performer… He’s been around for years, but he’s as fresh as today. –WSM Opry Star Spotlight, Nashville, TN

Andy May’s grasp of what makes good listening is impeccable. His warm and mellow voice invites the listener to relax and let the music move around the edges of consciousness. He ...cuts to the heart of a concept and brings it to life in song. With samplings of bluegrass, country, folk and acoustic swing styles that evoke many nuances of emotion, [Cafe' Americana] is a great album for any collection.The Walnut Valley Occasional (Winfield, KS)


Andy May

Dennis Crouch

Kenny Malone

Jim Heffernan

Kenny Kosek

Rodger Morris

Rick Lee

Curtis McPeake

Jonathan Yudkin

Darrin Vincent

Dennis Parker

Brittany Allyn

Alan Morrell

Eric Levine

Charlie Cushman

Dave Talbot


1. It’s A Brand New Day--A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

2. Old Pain-- L May, A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

3. Somewhere Else-- A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

4. No Alcoholic Dogs (or Beverages Allowed-- A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

5. If She’d Never Been to Boulder-- L May, A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

6. Comin’ ‘Round-- L May, A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

7. Lord, I’m Gonna Find A Way-- A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

8. Rainbow-- L May, A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

9. Little Evangeline-- L May, A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

10. Umbrella-- A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

11. I Want to See My Master Smiling-- A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

12. Love Starts Here-- A May, L May (Swift River Music/BMI)

13. I Like to Be With You-- A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

14. Diamond in the Dew-- L May, A May (Swift River Music/BMI)

Reviews of Earlier Andy May CDs:

Blackberry Jam: I thoroughly enjoyed this fine CD. The music is all original, well written, and fresh. Andy's vocals are clear and clean and he is an excellent guitar player as well. ... Blackberry Jam is compelling, fresh music.... Fans of acoustic music... will enjoy this CD. –Bluegrass Now

Dance of Life—A Mandolin Celebration: A Beautiful, timeless sound. …The musicianship is high, the original works strong and …[Dance of Life] is really a lot of fun. –Bluegrass Unlimited

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