Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Michael Korb

Michael Korb


MICHAEL KORB is a singer-songwriter from St. James, New York, a small, tightly-knit community close to Long Island’s North Shore. He grew up in a musical household, where he taught himself how to sing, record and play several different instruments.

The shy, awkward Korb began developing a following once he finally began playing in public on Long Island’s open mic folk circuit in 2006. Seeing Mike live almost gives one the impression that he’s channeling something otherworldly -- his lyrics are shards of dark poetry, often floating on a quivering falsetto, and the sounds coming from his guitar sometimes seem too impossibly layered to be played by only one person.

In 2008, during a life-crushing bout with insomnia, Mike worked through recurring themes in his past, writing and self-releasing his debut full-length, GHOSTS. Tracks like "Circles," "Slow Incline" and "Close Your Eyes" got some attention from college radio, and Mike played shows out of state for the first time.

On his 2010 Winged Disk release SLEEPWALKER, Korb deals with the phantasms of the present. Michael performs all tracks on the album, which was recorded at his home Sixth Street Studio in St. James, New York -- often in the wee hours of the morning. Songs like "Missing Persons Report" and "Off the Deep End" explore human connections and emotional consciousness -- SLEEPWALKER is a map of Mike's inner world. Although influences like Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and Elliot Smith can be felt, the ethereal vocals and lush guitar experimentation are distinctly Korb’s. Even the way Mike writes his songs is unique.

"First, I try to come up with the ugliest, most horrible chord I can," he chuckles. "Then, I try to write a really beautiful song around that ugly chord."

Now with a new band and a drive that keeps him moving constantly, MICHAEL KORB is gaining momentum; when he is not walking around St. James in his pajamas, he can be found performing anywhere from small coffee houses to large theatres, dive bars to wineries, and beyond.

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