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Ahoora, was formed late 2001, in Tehran, Iran. The influences were shown in the early covers: Iced Earth, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath ...etc. The band recorded its first demo tape “The Call of Beneath” back in 2004, due to gain permission from the culture ministry of Islamic Iran: breaking the broken!

In May 2005 Ahoora played its first official gig, the first metal performance ever with vocals in Iran. The band played two sets, First: Iced Earth songs & the 2nd set: four Ahoora songs that later were heard on the debut album. Ahoora was forced to cancel the second night though.

February 13th 2006, saw the release of self titled debut album as a forbidden release in Iran. Although the release can be analyzed as a unique event in Iranian music scene, the foreign feedback have always been stronger.

Ultimate Metal called it "hard-hitting, true heavy metal “and The Metal Observer wrote “They are walking a very fine line, very fit on their instruments" while Chronicles of Chaos believed "Ahoora have clearly spent a lot of time honing their sound, both individually and as a unit, resulting in a coherent and tight album."

The band was invited to play at Evergreen Music Festival in Washington D.C; but missed the lifetime opportunity because of the strict exit laws. In September 2006 the late concert in support of the first release was canceled by the authorities, leaving no chance to perform the album for the fans and made “Ahoora” a banned act. Throughout the recording of the second album, the band missed the chance of performing at ’07 version of famous Metal Camp. The idea was shut down thanks again to the exit laws.

Ahoora’s 2nd album,”All in Blood with You”, came out on 30th of September 2007, which was a major step forwards in many ways. The album was received even warmer by metal & underground media. As Metal Mayhem named it as “…already one of the favorites of the year"”; Ultimate Metal called it “an incredible release that everyone should check out” while Progressive Rock&Metal described it as “A surprisingly quality metal masterpiece”. In early 2008 the British Real2Can released Ahoora’s self titled debut album digitally worldwide.

Ahoora’s third album “Awkward Diary” was written throughout 2008 and the band started recording in April 2009. The sessions were put on hold after 3 months due personal problems and the panic situation within the country. However the band picked it up and finished the recordings by October. In 26th of October, Ahoora released its first ever single, “Crimson Baby”. The song is dedicated to Neda & all who died innocently in Tehran streets during the conflicts of June 2009. It was followed by 2nd single “Closure”, which was a success within the internet radio stations and podcasts.

“Awkward Diary” is released on the 2nd of March 2010 by Zirzamin. This album again has been a major surprise in terms of genre and quality in compare to the previous effort. Few presses have had this chance to check the album before its release. Classic Rock Magazine describes the sound as "Muse and Tool getting all cozy around Iced Earth”, and Rock Pulse labeled it as: “highly impressive enigmatic, compelling progressive rock”.

Within 2010, and with the release of “Awkward Diary”, Ahoora needs and so intends to book some shows outside of Iran. This is the ultimate goal in order to survive and continue.

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