Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the Last Act

the Last Act

The Last Act is breathing life into the genre “Metal Rock”. This sound is a hard rock/metal combination with a molded “old-skool” sound to it. TLA is re-inventing this style of music in a new and absolutely original result.

Sounds Like: Black Sabbath - Iron Maiden - 3 Days Grace - Rush - Old Metallica - Megadeth (old and new) - Kill Switch
Engage - Soundgarden

Imagine a combination of all of these with a totally new and original sound and you got the Last Act.

People have called the Last Act things like "Perfect" and "Genius". It is said that it is some of the only REAL rock remaining and being created today. The Last Act was re-formed in 2007 with the focus of creating music that the band members were craving but were unable to find in the market place today. Their primary focus is to create music that THEY love, cannot get enough of hearing, and cannot find anywhere else!

The North American Defiance Tour 2010-11 will be starting early this year following the release of their 3rd CD titled “Still Standing” as of March 6, 2010, with the first leg hitting mid size venues in major centers across Canada.

A stunning 9 out of 10 people who listen to the new material coming from TLA end up loving it and become die-hard fans! The good news is there is a lot more on its way!!

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