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Digging deep and giving it all in everything they do Chicago’s Lubriphonic
specialize in a unique offering of funky rock n’ roll. The septet’s tight and
raw sound is immediately familiar, fusing the roots of soul with
explosive in-your-face delivery and sensuous R&B dance music.

The Lubriphonic sound is full of precision orchestrations made up of blazing
guitars, unison three piece horn lines, soulful songwriting, bluesy
vocals and the habit to cut the funk loose. The best description of
the band’s sound comes from Relix Magazine: “Superb, adventurous,
diverse, simply mesmerizing instrumental work. Steeped in soul, rock, pop, and
blues Lubriphonic's members play with a tenacity and precision that
sets them apart from equally proficient bands.”

Lubriphonic is the brainchild of guitarist Giles Corey and drummer Rick King
which began as a residency at Chicago’s legendary Checkerboard Lounge,
where they recruited some of the best blues, funk, and rock
musicians in the city for improvisational live sessions in which the kinetic energy that make a band were initiated.

The evolution from performing as sidemen for the city’s most legendary blues
stars such as Buddy Guy, Otis Rush and Koko Taylor into an original
group came from the hunger of each musician to develop an intense
and simmering sound.

Guitarist Corey explains “Everyone in Lubriphonic comes from the Chicago blues
or gospel music pools. I met Rick King while playing in blues bands
in Chicago, and when we eventually wanted to start a band together
all of the cats we knew played the blues. There were and still
are all these cats that had a strong foundation in Chicago roots music who understood the feel and the nuances, but were dying to stretch out.
Lubriphonic turned out to be a good vehicle for that.”

It’s this expression of creativity and energy at each performance that is
paramount to Lubriphonic. “We are a live band first and foremost.  There's a
palpable energy emitted by any large gathering of people,” Giles
continues.  “When you perform for an audience and give them positive energy,
they take what you give them, amplify it and then throw it back to
you.  It's a fantastic feeling.”

Lubriphonic – made up of Giles Corey (vocals, guitar), Richard King (drums),
Pennal Johnson (bass), Garrick Patten (saxophone), Norman Palm
(trombone) and Andrew Toombs (keyboards) – tour extensively, crisscrossing the
country playing festivals, theaters and clubs spending over 220 days a
year on the road.

?Sold out shows, national tours and their evolving sound are proof enough of how
relevant Lubriphonic is going to become in the coming years. The
group’s recent studio debut, Soul Solution manages to contain the trademark
explosive live energy an accurate studio portrayal. Since first forming in
Lubriphonic already boasts a nationwide fan base, playing to
opening for such acts as Buddy Guy, George Clinton & P-Funk, The
Derek Trucks Band, The New Mastersounds, Jon Popper Project, Karl Denson,
Buckwheat Zydeco. ??Entirely committed to continuing their mission,
Lubriphonic is happy to be playing the music they love and winning over new
fans each new night at each new city. “As a sideman one of the things you
learned is how to be professional. I learned how to give to an audience, no
matter what. That's what you’ll get at a Lubriphonic show.”

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