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The band NONmusic have been around since 2000 and actually the band was known before as Ksiht in their homecountry Slovenia. Seemingly Techno/Prog Indie rock, but so much more than a classic generic generalization. Personal lyrics with universal understanding. are combined with intensive rhythms, electronic sounds and electric guitar riffs.

Their first single called '. ' (dot) was released in 2001, and soon started gaining popularity on all major music TV shows in Slovenia. The following year the band released album ' profit=duša' (…and the profit is soulfulness) under Dallas Records, the biggest record label in Slovenia.

With more and more stage experience and the thirst for bigger audiences the band started thinking international. The help arrived from UK, when an England based TV producer John Golley interacted with the band and co-produced their first ever EP in English. When music got new dimensions, even more focused on lyrics, melody and harmony now, the group of four, stood before their greatest challenge. Start something that would be sang in international language but still had the same ingredients as before, rich with experiences, stage-ready and a lot to say.

The name NONmusic is exactly what they were after. Something that would represent their music in the best and shortest way. A negate of everything the group despise in the world around them. Contradiction of love songs gone bad, poems of craving, lust, remorse, energy in vain all cleverly incorporated in rich sonic synthesis of guitar and electronics. The music is serious and the attitude has to be.

"Not Everything Is Made In China" is their first official release in English released worldwide trough Echozone / Sony Music.

The songs on album are like a trip like experience, or an exploration of human spirit and interaction through the eyes of a motherboard inside a vintage fender amp. The highlight of this album is a cover version of the Depeche Mode song "It’s No Good". NONmusic version sounds refreshingly different but still you can recognize the song. This song and of course the other songs on the album prove how skilful this band is and their album is really fun to listen to.

The band took this project very seriously right from the start- shooting two videos "3rd" and "Gender Charger" with international film teams was just one of the efforts the band put into their career.

Big recognition for the band was that a band like The Killers found out about NONmusic and asked them to play as their support act for their Slovenian open air show at Hippodrome Ljubljana in front of 20.000 people. At this concert NONmusic could present their music live to a wider audience and feedback of crowds was excellent. That proved that the band is stronger than ever and mature enough to play their music in front of anyone on this planet.

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