Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday Nite Fish Fry

Artist: Saturday Nite Fish Fry
Title: Vol II
Label: 7 Arts
Genres: Blues / Jazz 

Volume #2 is a big energy easy ride, with serious attention to the roots of jump blues, soul-jazz and urban blues. Digging deep into the vault of rhythm history – The Lucky Millinder’s, Lionel Hampton’s, Louis Prima’s, Tiny Bradshaw’s, the Trenier’s, – that glorious period when blues and jazz were on the same page.

With a few jump blues and boogie woogie’s in the book, the band began stretching the form and expanding the repertoire. Along with the vocals of Shakura S’Aida and Bill King, the band was awarded ample space to shine. This was no ordinary band, but one made up of some of Canada’s finest jazz musicians. The horn section - John Johnson alto sax, Bob Brough tenor sax, Alexis Baro and William Sperandei trumpets and Chris Gayle baritone sax. Rhythm section – Rick Gratton, Davide DiRenzo and Mike Sloski, drums. Bass – Artie Roth, Scott Alexander and Howard Ayee and guitar – Neil Chapman – King, piano, composer and arranger.

King began composing for the band borrowing on his long history playing rhythm & blues, blues and jazz. New pieces – “Soul Sermon”- a homage to saxophonist King Curtis – New Orleans funk with “Jasper Talks” – the lazy roll of “Memphis Ivory Jag” – Chuck Higgins zoot-suit/low-rider L.A classic – “Pachuko Hop” – Eddie Vinson’s swinging romp – “Friday Fish Fry” – Albert Ammons take on “Lady Be Good” – bad-ass boogie – the down-home blues of King/Chapman’s, “Room #13 Blues” and King’s own “Carlton Street Boogie.

1.Lady Be Good 3:06
2.Jasper Talks 4:10
3.Pachuko Hop 3:58
4.Soul Sermon 5:57
5.Friday Fish Fry 3:56
6.Room #13 Blues 5:48
7.Carlton Street Boogie 2:40
8.Memphis Ivory Jag 5:23

Bill King: Producer/arranger/composer/piano
Neil Chapman: guitar
Bob Brough – tenor sax
Chris Gayle – baritone sax
Alexis Baro #2, #3, #4, #7 / William Sperandei #1, trumpets
John Johnson – alto sax
Davide DiRenzo #1/ Ted Warren - #2, #4, #5/Rick Gratton #3, #7 – drums.
Artie Roth #2, #3, #4, #5, #7/Scott Alexander #1/ Howard Ayee #, #8 - bass.

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