Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jenn Beaupre

Artist: Jenn Beaupre
Title: Reach Out
Label: Indie
Release Date: April 2017
Genre(s): AC / Easy / Pop

Focus Tracks:
1. Angel Who's Lost (AC / Easy)
2. Sunburn (Pop)
(Rickie Lee Jones / Van Morrison style)
3. Socks (AC / Easy)

Norah Jones is actually a timely and appropriate comparison, as Beaupré recently worked with members of Jones’ band while recording her latest CD, Reach Out, in NYC. 

She even met Jones while recording “Reach Out” at Sear Sound. 

Though she counts the late soul-folk artist Eva Cassidy as one of her main influences, modern artists like Alicia Keys, Emili Sande, and Adele also inspire her song writing. 

Beaupré was a finalist on Canadian Idol, and performed at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She has opened for the Moscow Ballet on a national tour, as well as picking up notice by winning Calgary Stampede’s annual Talent Search (also awarded to Paul Brandt, MBF); and was runner up nationally. 

Most recently (2016), Beaupré drew attention from talent producers at Cirque du Soleil.

While Beaupré does have a variety of cover songs on her YouTube channel to showcase her vocal and piano talents, her original music has been primarily soulful, heartfelt personal songs – very much piano driven along the lines of contemporaries like Sarah McLachlan and Norah Jones. 

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