Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift at the 2014 Billboard Women in Music Awards on Friday, Dec. 12.
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This is worse than defining "sexting" to your grandparents: Some people on Team John Boehner have discovered GIFs, and they're totally abusing the privilege. 
The following story is currently on Speaker Boehner's official website: "12 Taylor Swift GIFs For You." This is not a joke. (The White House's "Bo, Stop Trying to Make Fetch Happen" tweet isn't looking so silly now, is it?) 
The story is your typical lisitcle of Swift GIFs (solid so far) in an effort to explain why President Obama's recently proposed "free community college" initiative is a bad idea. In addition to the images, the writers behind the post -- Caleb Smith & Mike Ricci, digital communications directors for Boehner -- also managed to shoehorn in a bunch of 1989 song lyrics from "60 billion dollars is a lot of money...you can't just shake it off" to "there's no blank space in the taxpayer's checkbook." 
The whole thing is very much "Your Dad Just Learned What Emojis Are And Now He Won't Stop Sending You The Poop One."