Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chinese Singer Ruhan Jia Heads To Paris To Introduce Her Album "Smile"

Chinese Singer Ruhan Jia Heads To Paris To Introduce Her Album "Smile"


China's re-known music star, Ruhan Jia, is looking forward to visiting France in January to present her album "Smile". She began training at age four. As her talent flourished, she eventually began studying at the Shanghai Music Conservatory for classical and jazz music, and started to compile impressive credentials. This led to her actively performing in greater China, and Hong Kong. In 2007 she made her debut on the international stage, and in 2008 recorded the Olympic theme song for the BBC. Less than a year later she recorded with Christopher Tin on his album "Calling All Dawns". The album went on to receive two Grammys for the best cross-over album, and the best single arrangement. Her 2012 debut album, "A Time To Grow" won China's comparable award for the Best Recorded Album.

The XIII Bis Music team developed Ruhan's newest album, "Smile", in collaboration with the Chinese music label Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group and Universal-Switzerland. The idea for the album was inspired when the XIII Bis Music team saw Ruhan's performance during MIDEM 2012 in Cannes. The album was produced by Francois Noorgues and Laurent Dreux-Leblanc. The ten songs on the album reflect a variety of musical styles, that showcase Ruhan's amazing talent. Singing in Chinese, Italian, English, and French display amazing range in multiple languages. An interesting side note is the collaborative effort on this album, as four tracks were recorded with two well known male tenor groups. The Italian Tenors, and I Quattro.

Ruhan Jia will be in Paris from January 8th to the 17th of 2015, to present the "Smile" album to the media, as well as film videos that will accompany the albums full commercial release. Then on, January 12, 2015 at Vitoria 1836, with a performance at 6:00pm. On this special evening, Ruhan Jia will be performing tracks from the "Smile" album for the world to hear....and fully enjoy.

For further information, please contact Jean Hsiao Wernheim, the artist managment, a-Peer Synergy Culture & Technology Co., Ltd. email :, tel : +46705615257 (Sweden office)

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