Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lara Solnicki - Whose Shadow?

www.larasolnicki.com lara@larasolnicki.com “Whose Shadow?”- Independent, released March 30, 2014- is the second album by acclaimed Canadian jazz vocalist, composer and poet Lara Solnicki. 

This fanciful, eclectic album featuring Lara's compositions, along with more traditional jazz fare, jazz arrangements of classical music− Maurice Ravel and Henry Purcell, art pop− Peter Gabriel, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Norma Winstone/Jimmy Rowles … and more. 

Produced by George Koller, it features an all-star cast of many of Canada's finest jazz artists. It was recorded by Grammy nominated engineer Jeremy Darby at The Canterbury Music Company, with: Lara Solnicki− vocals, compositions and arrangements, Mark Kieswetter − piano, rhodes and arrangements, George Koller −acoustic and electric bass and arrangements, Ted Quinlan− guitar, Nick Fraser−drums, John Johnson&minu s; tenor and soprano sax, flute and bass clarinet, Lina Allemano− trumpet, Ernie Tollar− bansuri flute and Davide DiRenzo –percussion. 

It was mastered by award winning engineer and producer David Travers-Smith. Stanley Péan, French Canada’s premier jazz host, Host of Quand le jazz est là, (Radio Canada/Espace Musique), has written the bilingual liner notes. 

"She has emerged from the Canadian scene with a spellbinding voice... with boldly unique style and a vocal attitude of her own. Solnicki has been rightfully labeled a vocal purist with tremendous tonal control and naturally sings any jazz arrangement with relative ease. 

Lara's voice is riveting, [she] brings a refreshing and exciting tone to each selection. With exceptional tonal control and her mastery of inflection, Lara Solnicki has without doubt, charted her vocal journey, affirming her position as a world class jazz singer.

 "− Everett. R. Davis, All About Jazz "Great vo ice, great musicians and a great choice of music." − Jim West, President, Justin Time Records

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