Sunday, August 24, 2014

Merrell Fankhauser's - Radio and publication correction for "Calling From A Star" Book release

Hi Kenny,

I appreciate the plug for the book but it wont be out by next month, hopefully in November, I will let you know.

Also the part about Wipe Out : I was only seventeen when I joined The Impacts, and our album was out 8 months before The Surfaris version of the song. Our LP was recorded Sept. of 62' and was in stores in L.A. by end of Oct. 62. The Surfaris single didn't come out till end of May 63', and they had the same producers ! In fact Richard Delvy who ended up managing The Surfaris and co produced and published them, was in our session and was learning the music biz from the other older producer Tony Hilder who produced us and other groups on Del Fi.

Later when Delvy worked with The Surfaris and signed their Wipe Out single to Dot, he was asked by Dot to give them an album, he went in the studio with his group "The Challengers" and some studio musicians and recorded an album that included a version of our "Blue Surf", and gave it to Dot as by The Surfaris ! He then took the money and ran..... That's the true story that's in my book, history must be correct ! The Surfaris were only on two songs on the album !

Next Tuesday I go in for a biopsy on an anomaly on my chest wall they noticed in a recent CT Scan, want to make sure its not related to the Melanoma on my shoulder... Sure wish you had made it to the Palmdale gig... You are always welcome here.
Hope this finds you doing good.


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