Friday, August 22, 2014

Merrell Fankhauser's "Calling From A Star" Autobio coming to a book store near you

ARROYO GRANDE, CA (IFS) --  Internationally renown rock superstar, Merrell Fankhauser is releasing his new autobiography "Calling From A Star" this next month.  

From the book "Vinyl Knights" by Kenneth Howard Smith, "Merrell was eighteen years old at that time, and had been recording up the coast with a group called the Impacts.  They had recorded this album called "Wipe out", surf music and stuff.  The Beatles had been in the United States for almost two months now, and the Beach Boys were right up there with them.  "Wipe Out" by the Surfaris was going to the top of the charts, and Merrell was telling everyone that he had wrote this song.  Well, no one believed him at all.  I just happened to be shopping at a local Woolworth store, and they had just received a bend full of cut-out records, and sure enough, there were ten albums from this group the Impacts on Del-Fi Records, and there was Merrell Wayne Fankhauser's name as big as life."


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