Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jason Green brings his Arkansas roots and small town sensibility to country music

It’s refreshing when a true traditional country artist comes to the scene and offers a slice of nostalgic sound with thoughtful lyrics and a big voice. Jason Green brings his Arkansas roots and small town sensibility to country music.
Born and raised and still residing in Blytheville Arkansas, an hour north of Memphis, Jason grew up in a musical family. Learning to play guitar from his father, he was shy about his own talent until the age of 15 when he surprised everyone with his velvety voice and a gift for writing lyrics. He has been influenced greatly by the artistry of John Conlee, Keith Whitley and Johnny Cash and great writers like Tim Mensy, who crafted “She Dreams” for Mark Chestnutt and “Momma Knows” for Shenendoah. He has proved himself a hard worker after a decade in the steel mills but recently he left that behind. In addition to playing the music he loves, Jason has also discovered a passion for riding Harley’s. “After one ride I was hooked.” He says. Immediately he bought a bike and now he and his wife, of ten years, Jessica ride together every chance they get. He is a member of BMI, The Nashville Songwriters Association and The American Songwriters Guild and his new album “Hard Livin” shows off his gift for weaving a lyric with a melody that you will catch yourself singing over and over. It has been said that his “cool country vibe is reminiscent of the Dierks Bentleys and Brad Paisleys of the world” and that his ballads are full of “George Strait tender”. Jason Green is bound to be, in the tradition of Reba, Willie or Wynonna, a beloved redheaded country singer with a golden voice.

Artist:Jason Green Album: The Old Man Artist Name: Jason Green Album: The Old Man First/Last Name: Jason Green Email address: Hometown: Blytheville, AR, USA Website: Style of music: Country MySpace: SonicBids: SoundClick:!/jasongreenmusic Facebook: Other: Label Affiliation: Unsigned Performing Rights Affiliation: BMI (USA) Description: Cool Country Vibe with a big country voice

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