Saturday, October 27, 2012

David Easthouse - My passion and heartbeat is life

I have been priviliged to have amazing sap to flow in the last 5 years during which time I have written 800 - 1000 songs and poems. My passion and heartbeat is life and the many challenges we all face from the cradle to the grave.Accompanied to this is the mystery of what lies beyond the grave and the determination to find security in this before crossing that gulf.It is thus that I have reached the conviction that the Christian way and finding salvation in Jesus Christ is the only way to gain this security. In this light , I hope you will find these songs as a journey - of discovery and that after walking the journey , you will reach the same conclusions as I have about what is truth and reality. I trust you will enjoy what I have to offer and please refer to my other site where you can also hear my stuff : 600+ songs. Most of these songs are available for licencing , so if you come across material you would like to use , please e mail me directly at:
Artist:David Easthouse Album: Time like the Old River Artist Name: David Easthouse Album: Time like the Old River First/Last Name: David Easthouse Email address: Hometown: Durban, KZN, South Africa Website: Style of music: Acoustic/Rock MySpace: SonicBids: SoundClick: Facebook: Other: Label Affiliation: Unsigned Performing Rights Affiliation: SAMRO (SOUTH AFRICA) Description: Prolific/Award - Winning Songwriter- Singer. Acoustic/Folk/Rock. Songs about life and living , Gospel , Sport , Educational , Children's.

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