Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kimberly Bibb Marrs

"Black and White Rag"
acoustic fiddle
Kimberly Bibb-Marrs
NITE*SKY International

Kimberly Bibb Marrs and her husband, Larry Marrs are the owners of Marrs studio in Nashville and sing and produce beautiful music for anyone that is interested in a full production song or a complete album. 

Both of them have been in the music business for years, either on stage, personal appearances with top name artist. They are dedicated to making a quality product. Kimberly with her soft southern accent brings a country song to life as no other. She is also won many awards for her skills in playing the fiddle. 

Larry is a man who has mastered several instruments and sings backup on many of Kimberly's songs. He also has a smooth approach to singing. Between the pair, a good clean sound is the end result. Take a listen and you will enjoy what you hear.

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