Thursday, May 7, 2015

RG's All Nite Funk Band - "Hideaway" Tops the Charts at Number #1

We started in Detroit and our roots are from the Aretha Franklin Machine and her Smash Hitting team and soon came to the West Coast due to a Record release out there and shortly found ourselves at Motown.
 The Hotrax Team [RG Ingersoll, Lee Rogers, Ken Smith] was established in the late 70's and was signed to an exclusive Producer/Writer/Artist deevelopment.

Not only the Songs and the "Hot Tracks" That we were laying down, Got peoples attention, but we also knew the art of finding great talent and recruiting those unknown artist's to do the songs. 

Our next Album will be out soon, we are in the final stage and there will be more songs and lots of various Artists too. Our concept will reflect our blend of today's sound and hopefully open new doors in the Music Industry. 

We hope you will enjoy this music and just for a moment let your body and soul run free while you listen, it will take you somewhere you would like to be. 

Her insight, Expertise and inspiration about Hotrax's efforts to perfect a cross-over blend of songs, really was how it all started. However, even Gwen Gordy the Co-Founder of the Motown Corp. and the sound of young America, found herself being held back by the corporate heads and restricted her creative moves at every corner. 

She believed in us, and began secretly to keep Hotrax going with its creative cross-over sound. We no longer were to record in the Corporation studios in order to keep her plans secret. Hotrax was now cutting tracks in studios like Paramount, 54 East Recorders, and other unknown Studios, with a bigger budget. 

- See more at: and sponsored by Motown's Gwen Gordy, a Music Icon. 

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