Thursday, July 29, 2010




You probably haven’t heard of Aidy. Apart from a couple of tracks being used in independent films and a couple of tracks making compilations, he has kept pretty low key, preferring the lo-fi sounds of home recording and very occasional shows to a life in any kind of limelight. This shows in the fragile, bittersweet pop music that he revels in writing and only works to cement the fact that you’ll be glad you found him.

Taking the ramshackle charm of Guided By Voices at their most melodic and adding a boyish enthusiasm that tips its hat to both Weezer and Matthew Sweet, Aidy is one of Britain’s greatest unknowns. Tracks spanning across a career of demos and self-releases, Prettyish is one of his most recent compositions – both charming and warm, bruised and hopeful.

Aidy will continue to write and record long after this compilation of his work. But here is a worthy first for a man writing for himself in the hope that others will hear the sounds creeping from between the cracks – each one a small and worthy victory.

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